13m2 Gallery

13m2Gallery exhibits and sells art products made by the silkscreen printing workshop: signed and numbered works of painters and engravers.

It is a hub of accessible art for everyone; It is open for the service users of MARGARITA who are getting familiar with art and at the same time for our fellow citizens who can buy signed by the artist, high quality works of art at an affordable price.

Ath the 13m2Gallery are also available upon request the artistic products from MARGARITA’s Silkscreen, Loom, Jewelry and Empowerment workshops.

Additionally, it is also a training space in real working conditions. It prepares our service users to enter the open labor market, to become autonomous and live their lives as they dream.

Finally, 13m2Gallery participates in a collective endeavor of the Municipality of Athens, designed by our ImpactHub friends, and invests in the success of the democratic use of public space and of social economy.